Thermal Roof Imaging

Graham Roofing, Inc. is always looking for ways to better serve business owners and representatives. With this goal in mind, we’d like to introduce our newest service – Thermal Roof Imaging.

Thermal imaging aids in finding the moisture retaining areas in your roof. When there is a leak in the membrane, water seeps through the opening and saturates underlying layers. The wet subsurface layers retain heat longer than the dry areas. Therefore, when the heat of the sun warms up the roof throughout the day it results in a difference in temperature. During a specific window of time, thermographers use thermal imaging to discover these problem areas long before they begin appearing in the interior of a building. Our licensed thermographer will mark the areas, read your images and issue you a report based off of the findings.

The benefits of this type of survey are numerous. This survey is non-invasive to your roofing structure, time effective, and cost effective. In addition, thermography allows you to know the exact area needed for repairs, cut back on the expense of repair work or, in some cases, prevent a complete reroof. This service would be beneficial for inspections before purchasing or selling a commercial property and establishing a preventative maintenance plan.


Elbert Spruill, sales and business development, went through the process of becoming a certified Level 1 Thermographer. We are so proud of him and the hours he spent researching this service, learning its value, and now how to best use it to aid our customers.

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