Project Highlight – Dudy Noble Stadium and Left Field Lofts

The new and recently completed Dudy Noble Stadium and Left Field Lofts of Mississippi State University have been deemed the premiere college baseball stadium complex in the United States both locally and nationally.

Graham Roofing was happy to be able to be a part of the construction team that worked on such a large and sought after project. The job was challenging, from start to finish and from the ground up it took 21 months to complete.

Modified Bitumen Roof System covers about 23,000 square feet. It consists of a Firestone tapered Polyisocyanurate Roof Insulation System, DensDeck Prime coverboard and a 2-ply Firestone Modified Bitumen Roof System.

Standing Seam metal system covers about 42,000 square feet. This consists of a 4-inch composite nail based board, high temperature ice and water shield, and a PacClad “SnapClad” metal roof panel system.

For the plaza deck on the Left Field Lofts, the Firestone Modified Bitumen Roof System was very similar to that listed above. Also, it was covered with a Westile Concrete Paver System.

We also won the NRCA cover photo contest entry for July. Awesome job GRI TEAM!