2020 Merit Award

We were awarded a Gold level Merit Award by ABC Mississippi for our work on MSU’s Hunter Henry Center. Congratulations and thank you to the crew that made it happen!

Charlie Shields, David Monroe, Phillip Washington, James Cunningham, Brandon Hogan, Marcus Harris, Collier Swanigan, Johnny Williams, McKinley Brandon, and Michael Montgomery.

The Hunter Henry Center was a unique project by sheer design of the building, and the fact that it housed 13 separate roof structures.
We installed a Firestone 80 mil TPO roof system. Two of the thirteen roofs were a tight circular design and had a slope greater than 4 and 12, which can be challenging when installing your edge metal and flashings. Hunter Henry management team requested a few drains be removed form the east wing of the building, which involved some creativity in finding a solution for adequate water drainage. Lastly, around the skylights, not only were there multiple sharp angles to flash right next to a curve, but the overhang of the building had begun to retain water. Building up the roof in a way so that water could be shed into the proper drains proved to be difficult but not impossible. Our skilled installation crews met Hunter Henry head on, and we’re proud of the work they accomplished!